Email Overload → Email Overdrive!

Email is essential for every business, but is it helping or hurting how much you get done every day? Adaptive Networks has email security and productivity solutions that keep you focused on the emails that matter by stopping malicious messages and potential attacks from ever hitting your inbox. Plus, we can give you continuity options that ensure nearly 100% uptime.

Keeping Communication Fast & Professional!

For most organizations email is a mission critical business application that is the primary means of communication with their customer base. This means that an email outage, even during non-peak hours, can result in lost revenue, significantly decreased productivity or some other negative consequence. Adaptive Networks has worked with hundreds of customers to select and implement the best email solution to meet their business needs. We offer on-premise, hosted and cloud-based email services as well as proactive support services to ensure your email system is available for business whenever and where-ever you need it.

Email Archiving

Adaptive Networks in Bakersfield allows users to securely archive your organizations emails and simply retrieve these archived emails fast and easy. As the volume of email keeps growing, email archiving can help manage email data more easily and cost-efficiently. Adaptive Networks provides secure and perpetual archive storage solutions with predictable costs and the scalability of a true cloud architecture. Employees get fast access to every email they’ve ever sent or received while administrators manage archives and support e-discovery with centralized data retention policies.

Email Encryption

Email encryption services are essential for any organization sharing sensitive data via email. Many users are required to send encrypted files when sharing customer records or financial data with contacts outside the organization. Email encryption services provide a critical layer of security to protect organizations from malicious or inadvertent loss of valuable information.

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