Data Backup

Data Backup

Safeguard Your Business!

At some point in the life of your business, a disaster will happen. Regardless of the cause of the disaster, getting your business-critical data and connectivity back before it’s too late requires planning, testing and the right partner. Our Backup and Recovery Services make the backup and exchange of your business data as easy and painless as possible, with the utmost attention paid to its security.


Protecting Business Information: 

The confidence to focus on daily tasks, operations, and growth initiatives. A data backup plan is your best defense – it protects a key asset – your data. Adaptive Networks’ technicians will advise you on the right data backup solution to fit your business needs and budget.


Cloud File Backup:

Protect your business from disk failure, file corruption, and accidental deletions with our file backup solutions. We offer a comprehensive remote service that lets you schedule automated backups and perform self-service recoveries, all from a single easy-to-use console.


Server Image Backup:

Protection from server to workstation data corruption or total disaster by ensuring that a complete server image can be restored to another similar server or to the cloud in the event of a complete server failure.


Local vs. Remote Backups:

A primary distinction between local and remote backup is location. Local backup occurs onsite, backing up your operating system, applications and databases to a server or other backup hardware on a regular basis. Remote backup occurs offsite – ranging from nightly backup to cloud server virtualization.

Back up Data

Why Backups?

The sole purpose behind backup is peace of mind along with data recovery, and in some cases regulatory requirement. When your data is unavailable, downtime is real and costs escalate. Both SMBs and large enterprises need appropriate backup solutions to support business structure and goals. Adaptive Networks in Bakersfield provides solutions that span local, remote and hybrid. The right solution depends on factors that include speed to restore, protection from local disasters, to full image or specific file backups. Contact us for help weighing the pros and cons of all backup options to determine the best protection for your business.